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Who We Are

VerVex, built on top of a revered family-owned pharmaceutical enterprise, boasts a distinguished 51-year legacy across diverse sectors.



Elevate your expectations as we bring our rich heritage of expertise to the forefront, delivering unparalleled pharmaceutical solutions grounded in unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.


Our Journey

Starting from a small Pharmacy in Suburban Mumbai, to becoming an Authorized Franchise for International brands, VerVex has had a rich history of over half a century.

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Winding Forest Road

A rich 


An enriched legacy

Over the past 5 decades, Paras, Kishor, and now VerVex have consistently embodied the pinnacle of quality in both products and services. Originating as a city-wide entity, we expanded our reach to cover a nation of 1.5 billion inhabitants, and today, our roots extend globally. Our journey signifies a legacy of unwavering commitment to excellence, propelling us from local prominence to a distinguished global presence.


Opened our first completely owned pharmacy store under the name 'Paras'. We have opened over 15 more since


Backward Integrated by establishing a distributor and wholesaler under the name 'Kishor' with authorised franchise of over 100 international pharmaceuticals


We spread across India, establishing strong roots around the country by gaining the trust of customers from every corner of the nation.


Launched our Manufacturing and Marketing company with launch of our own branded generics in HIV and Primary Care franchise under the name 'VerVex'


Set up an export house of international trade and successfully exporting high-quality medicine to countries like Mauritius, Ghana, and FWA countries


Our Mission

VerVex endeavors to distribute top-tier medicines across the globe.

We wholeheartedly endorse the Make in India initiative and are determined to establish ourselves as a trusted enterprise in the rapidly expanding and internationally acknowledged Indian Market. In an era where many are gravitating towards inexpensive, low-quality products, we remain dedicated to pursuing excellence, setting ourselves apart as a beacon of quality and reliability in the industry.

Core Values


Our team is dedicated to delivering top-quality pharmaceutical products to meet and exceed client expectations.


We ensure our clients receive the very best, delivered seamlessly and promptly.

Customer Satisfaction

Each of our clients experiences flawless service across every aspect of their engagement with us.

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